Example Menu & Schedule

Feel Fresh Again with our Luxury Fitness Retreat Schedule

Morning Menu/Schedule


Warm Water and Lemon

It promotes hydration has a good source of vitamin C, improves your skin quality, supports weight loss, aids digestion, freshens breath and helps prevent kidney stones.


Natural Nuts

Eating nuts and seeds can give you energy for workouts because they cover all of your macronutrient bases, containing carbs, protein, and fat.


Stretch & 1hr Cardio Anaerobic Session

Spinning, Hitt or circuit training


Breakfast Bircher

Porridge oats, cloudy apple juice, greek yoghurt, grated apples & chia seeds all blended to perfection.


Sea Swim & 45mins Water Aerobics

45 min session of combined swimming and wading in the calm warm sea.
All levels of swimming and depth catered for.


Fuel Snack Egg Plant Chips & Dip

Eggplant is loaded with vitamins A, B, C, folate, and minerals like potassium. It is also rich in dietary fiber, contains no fat, and is low in calories. Its the ultimate workout snack.

Lunch Menu/Schedule

12 noon

1hr Pilates Session

60 mins of Pilates
All levels catered for with our instructor Lee Ann.


Lunch: Crunchy Shrimp & Papaya salad

Pepper, Himalayan salt, Sriracha sauce, coconut, garlic, lemon, olive oil, shrimp, bean sprout, corriander leaf, green onion, bell pepper & papaya chunks.


Relax & Unwind

A well earned rest is paramount. Take a nap or a dip in the Crossbow Hot Tub or Pool.

Afternoon Menu/Schedule


Fuel Snack: Apricot & Orange Energy Bites

These sugar-free bites combine dried apricots, orange, walnuts, raisins, and flaxseeds to form a perfectly sweet and crunchy treat which is packed with nutrients.


Sunset Paddleboard & Snorkel 90 mins

SUP on the calm West Coast.
Full tuition from our top instructors.
Guaranteed great exercise and lots of fun!


Dinner: Mahi Mahi Fish Cakes

Mahi Mahi fillets, lemon juice and zest, coriander, paprika, grated ginger, spring onion& sweet potatoes.
Fresh coconut water from our very own trees is available daily

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