Meet our team and experience a transformative wellness retreat crafted by women, for women

Our exclusive retreat is thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of women seeking holistic well-being. Join us in a safe and empowering space where female facilitators guide you on a journey of self-discovery, self-care, and empowerment. Our dedicated management team, in collaboration with our esteemed local partners and suppliers, will create a customised and unforgettable retreat experience that nurtures your mind, body, and soul.



The inspiration behind Luxury Caribbean Retreats came from my deep understanding of the challenges women face during various stages of their lives, especially during menopause. Having spent many years in the hairdressing industry in the UK, I had the privilege of listening to my female clients' frustrations and concerns about this transformative phase. I realised there was a need for a dedicated space where women could find support, relaxation, and guidance tailored specifically to their needs. That's when I decided to create Luxury Caribbean Retreats, a haven where women can embark on their wellness journey surrounded by the beauty of Barbados.


Functional Medicine Health Practitioner

Ravina Thomas is the founder of Better Balance Being; a functional medicine health practice committed to helping women of all ages look and feel their best. Ravina's goal is to provide you with the highest quality of healthcare using a personalized, holistic approach to help you achieve balanced hormones.

Dr Roberta Corona

Medical Director of BioConnect Medical

Introducing Dr. Roberta Corona, the esteemed medical director of Bioconnect Medical, specializing in providing exceptional care for women during menopause. With her expertise and compassion, Dr. Corona guides women through this transformative phase of life, ensuring optimal health and well-being.

Singita Fitness & Spa Studio

Fitness & Spa Therapist


We believe in collaborating with local partners and suppliers to create a truly authentic and enriching retreat experience. By collaborating with our local partners, we are able to offer a diverse range of activities and services that highlight the best of the Caribbean. From invigorating yoga sessions on the beach to rejuvenating spa treatments using locally sourced ingredients, every aspect of our retreats is thoughtfully designed to provide a transformative experience.


One of our core principles is to offer unique and customised retreats that cater to the individual needs and goals of our attendees. We understand that every person is unique, and their wellness journey is personal. Our team of experts, including experienced wellness coaches, certified yoga instructors, and skilled therapists, are dedicated to guiding and supporting our guests throughout their retreat journey. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring that each attendee receives personalised attention and care.