Enjoy Pilates at our Luxury Caribbean Retreat in Barbados

We are so lucky to have our very own pilates teacher at crossbow villa luxury Caribbean retreat.

Lee-Ann has been teaching for 13 years and did her training in the USA before becoming fully certified under Pilates expert Dana Eisenstein.

She has a very loyal group of clients here in Barbados and we are so grateful to have her on board with our program at Crossbow.

Lee-Ann has wrote a short blog for us on all the benefits of a pilates routine:

Lee-Ann - Pilates Expert
Photo: Crossbow Luxury Retreat Barbados Pilates Sessions

Pilates targets your core or in Pilates speak, your powerhouse! In fact, its like no other workout you’ve ever tried, you can strengthen your tummy muscles (your CORE – but your CORE is so much more than the ABS!) in about 36 weeks, if done properly and consistently, while eliminating muscle imbalances between the left and right sides of your body.

Stabilizing your core can further benefit those who suffer from lower back pain due to the deep stretches added to your abdominal work- alleviating stress on that area whilst gaining better spinal mobility. The effects can last up to 12 months, even if you’ve taken a break from your Pilates routine!

In short the benefits of Pilates are;


  • It can help to ease back pain.
  • Gentle on your joints as the workout is low impact.
  • It hones your focus.
  • It makes sex better – those good ol’ pelvic floor muscles … giving your partner greater pleasure!
  • It improves your sports performance – with a stronger core you can run faster, your yoga is on point and overall the rest of your sports/workouts improve.
  • Increases your overall flexibility.
  • It boosts your brainpower – memory performance and other cognitive functions.
Photo: Crossbow Luxury Retreat Barbados Pilates on the beach
Crossbow Luxury Retreat Barbados
Pilates urges you to focus on;


    1. Your breath – (diaphragm/ lateral breathing) which has major health benefits for for lung strength and health.
    2. Your body – teaching you awareness – what feels right according to your muscular and spinal health and how to work safely in accordance with your own personal muscular and/or spinal issues.
    3. Concentration and how your body and breath move together. You cannot zone out … you are forced to hear the commands and get your body to follow the instruction whilst co-ordinating the breath with the exercise.

In short, Pilates can help to slow down or even reverse in some cases, the effects of physical and mental changes as we age, but remember, a great instructor is paramount AND consistency is the key to change!
I look forward to sharing my passion of Pilates with you!


Crossbow Luxury Retreat Barbados Pilates on the beach